Prenuptial Agreement Mediation Service in Worcester

Throughout the country thousands of couples sign prenuptial agreements prior to getting married. Prenuptials agreements, colloquially known as “prenups,” have many values for couples. Prenuptial agreements can protect assets prior to a marriage and are often used in an individual’s second marriage if they want to protect their existing children’s inheritance. However, through both popular culture as well as the nature of prenuptial agreements, there is a certain stigma associated with the agreement. Many individuals worry that asking their significant other to sign a prenuptial agreement could come across as disrespectful or cause strife in the relationship. That is where mediation can be invaluable. 

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Why Couples Should Use Mediation For Prenuptial Agreements

As mentioned above there is a certain stigmatization associated with prenuptial agreements. While in their essence, prenuptials are designed to protect an individual’s financial assets, there is a sense that requiring your significant other to sign a prenuptial agreement before the wedding demonstrates a level of distrust. This can quickly cause arguments and disagreements prior to your marriage. But that doesn’t mean individuals shouldn’t protect their assets or their children’s inheritance. Instead, couples should look towards mediation. Mediators are trained to help couples work together towards legal settlements and agreements. Instead of going through traditional litigation with a single attorney, both parties in the couple can work together to decide the details of the prenuptial agreement. By collaborating together, neither party will feel like their thoughts or opinions are being ignored for the sake of the other. Mediating prenuptial agreements is an effective way to get the protection you need without sacrificing your relationship or undermining trust. 

How Prenuptial Mediation Works

Similar to mediation for separation, prenuptial mediation works by having both members of the couple meet with their mediator. The mediator’s role is to guide the couple as they discuss different factors of their prenuptial agreement. Mediators do not make any decisions for the couple but instead provide examples from their previous experiences and guide the couple through the entire process. When the prenuptial agreement is written and agreed upon your mediator will work to make it legally binding. By working together through this process you can avoid most of the negativity that is associated with prenuptial agreements. Once the prenup is drafted, each party must receive advice from their own attorney to review the agreement; that is a requirement pursuant to the case law.

More Information on Prenuptial Mediation

Like with any form of mediation, choosing the right mediator is arguably the most important part of the process. Experienced mediators can make the process easier and help couples avoid strife. By working with the couple, mediators can make sure that both parties feel heard and understood and that their point of view is represented in the final decision. It is helpful for the couple to have a discussion about finances which can prevent future misunderstandings about their marital economic partnership. Additionally, it is beneficial to work with mediators that also have experience as family lawyers. Some mediators do not have legal experience. Working with a lawyer can ensure that your prenuptial agreement is legally sound before it is submitted. 

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